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Doomsday Bots is a 2-4 player competitive board game that brings together elements of card drafting, dungeon running and player-vs-player combat. You and your fellow Mad Geniuses must scrounge for parts and assemble the best Bot you can, then race each other to the top of the Boss’s Clock Tower. Work together or go it alone to defeat the Boss, but only one can escape to victory with the highly coveted Boss Loot - a devastating Doomsday Device!

The game is set in a Steampunk Post-Apocalyptic world where all that has survived are Mad Geniuses and a virtually endless supply of moddable Bots! These Geniuses have got it into their head that they can do the End of the World better than the last guy. But in this world, quality components are even rarer than sanity. So you’d better strap on your Goggles and enter the fray. If anyone’s going to end the world right this time, it’s you!  

Seize the Doomsday!

The Base Version of the Game Contains:

  • 56 Part Cards 
  • 24 Room Cards 
  • 6 Bosses
  • 6 Boss Tracker Cards
  • 9 Boss Loot Cards 
  • 4 Player Reference Cards 
  • 3 Card Dividers
  • 12 Double Sided Energy Tokens
  • 12 Double Sided Trashed Tokens 
  • 4 Player Tokens w/Plastic Stands
  • 4 D20s (Matching Player Token colours) 
  • 1 Rulebook
  • Plus all additional Stretch Goals unlocked throughout the campaign!

Doomsday Bots was designed to be a modular and expandable game system. There are multiple formats of the game to choose from, from team play modes to intense 1v1 combat. You can even try coming up with your own Tower designs and game modes. Below we detail the standard game flow that we recommend to new players:

SETUP PHASE: At the beginning of the game, players build the Clock Tower by randomly choosing ten Room Cards, and arranging them in a 2 x 5 grid, with a randomly chosen Boss at the top. Then set aside three randomly chosen Boss Loot cards. Finally, they choose a Bot Token, a Reference Card and a D20 for themselves, and place their Bot Tokens at the bottom of the Clock Tower.

DRAFTING PHASE: Players then draft two hands of seven Part Cards. If you’ve never played a drafting game before, it works like this: You look at your hand of cards, choose one you want, then pass the rest to the player on your left. The player on your right will have done the same. This rotation continues until all the cards have been picked. Then, with the second hand, you do the same, but in the opposite direction.

ASSEMBLE YOUR BOT: After the Draft each player should have picked fourteen Part Cards. These Parts are now used to assemble a Bot to send into the Clock Tower. From their Parts, players can choose a maximum of one Head, Core and Leg Parts, and two Arm Parts and up to two Consumables that they put in the Bot’s Trunk. Each Part has a variety of Abilities and Stat Boosts to improve your Basic Bot. 

Will you build a long range, missile spewing machine of destruction, an intelligent and agile hacker that can control other Bots, or a heavily armoured fortress that laughs in the face of all who oppose it? The choice is yours! You are the Mad Genius after all.

CLIMB THE TOWER: The player whose Bot has the highest combined stats goes first! During each player’s turn they can move up to two spaces, repair their bot, or fight against another player’s Bot. 

See a shiny Part that you like the look of, but missed it in the Draft? Well, brawling with another Bot lets you break off their Parts and steal them for yourself, or simply leave them in the dust to piece themselves back together again (remember to practice your maniacal laugh).

Entering a face down Room Card reveals it, and every time your Bot enters a room, it challenges them to a test. Blast through security doors, hack computer mainframes to affect the Tower, trash deadly Cleaning Bots and even join the Boss's goons for a nice soak (if they let you). Every Tower is different. You never know what's behind each door.

Players roll a D20 to attempt to pass tests, and add any modifiers granted by their Bot’s equipped Parts. Fail and they lose a Part! Lose all Parts and your Bot is Destroyed! But don't let the destruction of your minions stop you - build a fresh Bot with your remaining Parts and get back in there!

CHALLENGE THE BOSS: Reaching the top of the Tower opens up a new set of Challenges - the Mad Genius that has taken up residence! Players can work together, or go it alone to try and beat the Boss. But watch out! The Boss bites back. Each one has their own unique ability and challenges. Fail any of their Tests and you’ll lose more parts!

GRAB THE LOOT: The player whose Bot dealt the final blow to the Boss gets to choose a piece of Boss Loot from the Boss’s hidden cache of Doomsday Devices. It is then equipped to their Bot and the rest are discarded (scrapped) - we can't have them falling into the wrong hands now, can we? 

Each piece of Boss Loot is incredibly powerful, so make sure to choose the best one that fits your strategy, the next part won’t be easy!

MAKE YOUR ESCAPE: Now the battle is really on! There’s only one piece of Boss Loot available. If you don’t have it, destroy the Bot that does and grab it for yourself! Fight your way back down the Tower. Escape with the Doomsday Device to win the Game! (and end the world your way).

But this is only one way to play the game! Our Lead Designer, Sam, will be posting updates throughout the campaign discussing additional and alternative Tower designs and game modes. We want to make sure you get as much fun out of playing Doomsday Bots as we had making it.





Doomsday Bots is brought to you by DigiSprite. We are a 3-person Independent Games Studio working out of Dundee, Scotland. We have a combined background in professional Video Game production, development and design. 

We have already invested significant personal funds and time into Doomsday Bots. All art has been paid for and will continue to be delivered throughout the campaign. (Check back daily for updates and new card art!) 

Now we need your help to get Doomsday Bots to print and into your hands!

Seeing Doomsday Bots fully funded would mean the absolute world to us. While this is not our first game, it is our first tabletop release, and with your help it will be the first of many!    

We are working in conjunction with Oray Studios, a professional artist's guild who recently celebrated their Tenth Anniversary, to create the art for the game. 

We will be handling the shipping of all backer rewards ourselves (whilst trying to avoid accidentally shipping our cat along with your copy of Doomsday Bots). Shipping costs are added when selecting your backer level and country.

Due to our location and value of packages, at a minimum, we can offer AU/NZ, EU, MX and US-friendly shipping.

Available Rewards:

£20GBP + Shipping

Genius in the Making!

Receive 1 copy of the full game and all unlocked stretch goals.


  • Your name on the DigiSprite website backer list
  • A factory-fresh copy of Doomsday Bots!
  • All stretch goals unlocked during the campaign

Retail Bot

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